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Tuesday, 18-Sep-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~ My Romantic & Crappy Birthday ~

12/9 - INCOVAR - MGaik
Bday boy YongWei & gf Moon
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I can't comment anything about Izzi at Uptown, because I really felt there's nothing for me to complain about since HSBC credit card and Izzi decided to come out with this 75% discount for the period of 12th - 18th Sep . On the 12th Sep, there was a bday do for Sep babies with the INCOVARians... what I had in mind was to celebrate yongwei & my bday since its just 3 days apart. There are just too many Sep babies around, the good thing is our friends can celebrate for a few people together, but that'll mean our bday..well just better to share

On 18th of Sep, somehow I was not given the warning of the long wait, and although I got my mom to walk in at 6pm-ish.. by the time my mom reached Izzi, she was on a long waiting list. My entire mom-side family who came to celebrate bday for me, waited for more than 1.5hr to get a seat at a long table... but the stupid story didn't get there.. and really wish I was not there. I have nothing against the food or the restaurant, but its all the conditions and madness that's surrounding me & my family. My uncle and aunties made fun of the waiter / restaurant just as much as the restaurant & the whole sales gimmick made us fools. After we found out that all the pizzas that we ordered were 'finished' (although we patiently waited after only having shared 2-3 plates of rice amongst 13 of us).. we all stood up, asked for the bill and left .

My entire family adjourned to the hokkien mee shop in the same row at about 9.30pm, I felt bad for my vegetarian-dad-side-cousin so I tapao something for her and joined the rest of them. Luckily the bday cake is not for me alone, but also for my 3 other mom-side cousins who's bdays are also in Sep.. and we blew the bday cake right at the roadside, with dishes of hokkien / canto mee on the table & background sound of the wok frying noodles .

I have no comment... I am numb. I received 2 more boxes of chocolate lagi (one is the exact same dark choc that sayang had gave me earlier). I have relatives cursing and condemning the Izzi restaurant mgt, and all seemed unhappy on the event of my bday and I didn't even ask for it.

All I can do it shut my brain, and remind myself of the sweetest memory I have on the day before.. a romantic date at Cafe Cafe, which was so memorably cool & the food was awesome! Ok, maybe they say my heart had already melted, so obviously the food would be so good yeah, seriously I'm not in a position to comment about food... I just feel so blessed, and I know I am blessed... even if it means having my cranky family members to make lotsa noisy for my bday, much ado about nothing.

Sunday, 2-Sep-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~ Catch the finale of the Fireworks @ Putrajaya ~

take picture of moving cars can syiok sendiri..
traffic building up and im still standing here
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Standing on the muddy ground by the highway, overlooking the PICC afar, I got ready 1 tripod and my 2 cameras. One is for video clips and I was wondering if I could snap nice firework pic with my new dslr, but honestly I don't know what mode/setting except to switch is to "sports" mode.

After trying a few shots with the EOS400D, with only the kit lense, standing so far away, it became so obvious to use my S2IS .. so much better, can zoom so far away, can record video AND got firework-scene mode all ready set! Ok so much for trying to learn professional photography stuff And you know what, I want to blame it on the soil, where the tripod was erected, the ground was not solid rock. Each time I press on the snap button, it will surely "move" like a weeeeeeeee tiny bit, which is disastrous for a firework picture! Taking video felt more relieving than hoping to snap any good quality firework shots!

Oh I must share my "multiracial" encounter while standing in the middle of a crowd, actually I was there first, with my tripod positioned nicely with nobody blocking my lense, then people started to stand beside me, somewhat infront of me but everybody seems to know NOT to block my camera. These people were just plain local people, who came with their family members, speaking in Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English.. so while recording video, I know I cant filter out all these rojak malaysianized conversations yakking all around..

The best part of my malaysianized experience, was that seems everybody "respect" my camera & my tripod. I was like the one think-she-look-like-pro photographer standing there, all the uncle and ah kak and makcik who stood near me, would shoo shoo their kids/family not to block my camera... like I'm so special like that Well with all good things happening around you, there'd sure be a rotten egg, one ahkak with biege tudong suddenly half way through the show, squeezed her way through the people and stood right infront of me, literally bluntly stood right (few inches) away of my camera

For a seconds everybody around me all looked back at me... *pity poor girl* and the ahkak infront really did not have any inkling to shift or tilt her head abit! Then I just meijoonizedly DOH silently.. another younger malay girl standing beside who's not blocking me, actually poked-poked at the ridiculous ahkak to signal her not block my camera la! Ridiculous ahkak pretend dunno.. like continue stand there blocking me.. I guess I had to shift my tripod slightly, lucky I can zoom with my camera.. issh...

ANYWAY, so how the pictures turned out? I dont think I'm impressed cos that's not a good spot where I stood, I had to be much nearer but to avoid the jam and all.. I guess I cannot bear to get stuck in a long massive crawl back home if I'd ended up nearer to PICC

*confession* Ok, here goes the siow part -- I stayed back after the fireworks, thinking I could wait for the "next round" or "real finale", whoah I must have expected an even more fantabulous closing that we all witnessed... I thought I'm so "smart" so I waited.. for like more than 10 minutes there! My car was the last one still parked along the highway, by the time I finally gave up to go home.. the traffic was already crawling! I could have just sped away much earlier.. sigh.. next time shake me up!

Saturday, 1-Sep-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~ Happy Birthday to Yong Tien & Kelly ~

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First dinner at Las Carretas, followed by icecream at Baskin Robbins!

Lesson learnt --> alcohol NO NO for Laitym!

Saturday, 28-Jul-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~ Trip to Bagan Lalang & Tanjung Sepat ~

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What I liked most about the trip was of course opportunity to take lotsa pictures with my new Canon EOS400D that im really not familiar with. It's not the camera, its the technique and skill which I'm so ignorant of. All I know is how to create a depth of field effect, but there's not much sunlight in the afternoon & evening. So there, how do I go up and down the F5.6 which I just found out during the trip.

The picture I personally like most are those lalang-white-flowers, they're really pure and sweet. I like taking pictures of landscape / space / flowers / structure without human beings init! Some of the nicer pictures taken by my friends.. you can check them out... More stories click here.

Monday, 23-Jul-2007 16:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~ New puppy Rodney, son of Rover ~

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My ahchek (3rd uncle) have 2 jack russell dogs, hyperactive crazy Rover and Queenie who made out and then gave birth to 3 puppies : Rodney, Russell and Jack. All the 3 puppies were given away for now, one of them Rodney is given to my mom.. initially we all really thought the name was Ronnie!! It's already beginning to behave alot like the crazy father Rover, simply barking and jumping and messing around... it does look "cute" but it bites... like Bobo dont even bite although Bobo bark even more fiercely.. Rodney is getting annoying only when it barks - nonstop!

Mom is still newspaper-training the puppy not to simply shit & peepee everywhere in the house!

Welcome to the Quek family house... with another new addition!

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